Currently working on High Altitude Balloon Project

To be launched towards the end of August?
attaining an altitude of about 90,000' (about 18 miles)
I intend to transmit GPS latitude, longitude and altitude
interior temps, exterior temps, pressure, and climb rate
battery voltage, -and a remote control tether release system
Would be nice to have a repeater, but limited to 4.6 pounds
and that includes a parachute (I want my radio back)

If you are interested in participating, I need CREW!
Handlers, trackers, C++ PROGRAMMERS, and chasers
Fabricators, 3D printers, project builders and Makers
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Here's my 2 Meter Co-Phase antenna setup
Using SO-239 bulkheads, solid copper plate,

(2) RG-6 75ohm quarter-wave sections, 20.1" each for 2M

I just got the antenna up on Sunday. 1 element isn't right,
so I'm just using 1 element for now. I'll get to it...

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Download Solar PV Estimator Spreadsheet HERE (.xlsm)

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